I Know a Man... Ashley Bryan

Wins the Hector Leonardi Art & Inspiration Award

"The Hector Leonardi Art & Inspiration Award goes to Richard Kane’s I Know a Man..Ashley Bryan that embraces the vibrancy of an artist who whose experimentations in painting, puppetry and illustration expand our spirits and lives. This premiere award is named in honor of Hector Leonardi who has been communicating the joy of painting through art and color for over fifty years."  Jacqui Lofaro, Founder and Executive Director of the Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival.                                                                                             


The film is ... a wonderful tool to learn about diversity, cultural competency, inclusion and social justice.
Ashley Bryan ... radiates the joy of living completely in the moment.... Students of art
and children’s literature will be inspired by this celebration of the man’s work and life. ...Highly recommended for public, academic and school libraries.
Elegantly constructed film ... so intriguing and palpably warm that it’s inevitable that a viewer will want to know more.... It’s a film that ... is a vibrant, joyous, utterly engaging piece that carries hints of the full, often painful life Bryan has lived.... The film takes the mysterious gifts that the singular Bryan has left and makes something evocative, witty, and thoroughly engaging.  
— Dennis Perkins, MAINE TODAY
Exceptional ... handsomely photographed ... What emerges is a vibrant, inspiring, personal portrait of an artist who possesses the desire to help people find the inner child within themselves... Highly recommended.
An inspiring look at the healing powers of art, the film will be of interest to art students and general audiences

Click on the image to watch a clip of Ashley reading "Beautiful Black Bird"